BOPARC Spent $174,556 Taxpayer Dollars on New DECK at City-Owned House

Dorsey's Knob Park has one of the most breathtaking, bird's-eye views of Morgantown. However, the latest park construction may also take your breath away.

The house at Dorsey's Knob Park, known as the "Lodge," has a new $174,556 taxpayer-funded deck. (Pictured below)

Dorsey's Knob Park Lodge Front View
View of the new $174,556 deck project at Dorsey's Knob Park Lodge, December 2023

If you are excited to experience the $174,556 wood deck you funded with taxes on your hard-earned income, there is bad news.

Dorsey's Knob Lodge is not public. You must rent the house for $400 per day.

Morgantown's BOPARC boasts that you can host events such as "weddings."


Expensive Uncovered Deck can only be rented to maximum of 40 People


However, the small house has a maximum occupancy of just 40 people, per fire code.

According to the city, the lodge has a 4-seat breakfast nook, an 8-person kitchen table, 12 bar stools, and a living area with 12 seats. In total, the 36 seats scatter guests throughout the house.

The deck does not have a roof, so even after spending nearly $200K, renters will have no shade from the hot sun during the popular summer months.

Dorsey's Knob Park Lodge Rear View
Rear view of the finished deck project at Dorsey's Knob Park Lodge, December 2023

According to Fixr, a home improvement project pricing platform, the national average cost for building a deck is between $9,000 to $20,000.

One might wonder if the city could have instead built a large enclosed pavilion or even an entire building with this deck money.

What do you think, Morgantown? Is BOPARC spending your money wisely? Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Dorsey Knob Lodge investigation. Yes, it gets worse.

Public Document: 2023 Dorsey Knob Park Lodge Deck Project Description.pdf